Hey, I’m in Vermont

Which is to say, maybe I’ll be posting regularly and maybe I won’t. You’ll just have to wait and see. I’ve not yet made it over to the campus, so much is dependent on the Wireless Situation and its acceptability. (However, props to the American Flatbread Co. joint in Burlington* for an excellent dinner. Welcome after a hellish experience that started with the airline having no record of my reservation, and involved shoving through a cattle-esque stampede of not-boarding-yet freaks at JFK.)

I read Cecil‘s Beige on the plane and found it BRILLIANT. Her best book yet, seriously, and I’ll have more to say later on about that. Next up is Sara Zarr’s Story of a Girl, which I’m very excited to finally get to read. (Now, if only I can find a copy of Caitlin‘s latest up here, I’d be truly happy. Oh, and if a nice publicist sent me Ironside … puh-leeze?)

Some links I didn’t get to post before I left:

And now I must sleep. Please forgive if the next two weeks here are incoherent/poorly attributed/practically insane.

*A very Portland-y, Madison-y kind of town at first glance, but sprawlier.

5 thoughts on “Hey, I’m in Vermont”

  1. I don’t have a Heart-Shaped Box ARC to send you, alas — I read a copy from work, and had to return it. I don’t think it’s as ambitious as the most remarkable stuff from Joe’s collection, but it’s a damn good ghost-filled road-novel.

  2. jennifer, aka literaticat

    omigod, they won’t give me a fucking arc of BEIGE. I read it in it’s computer ms form and ADORED it (best cecil book evah), but I want to read it again! in boooook form!
    curse my sales rep. CURSE HIM!
    also, have a blast in VT, I am so jealous. my semester of stuff for the BA program is due tomorrow and I am sick about it.

  3. Thanks for the link 🙂
    I wouldn’t call my review luke-warm. I think it’s a very good ghost story with some interesting ideas in it. I just think that Hill’s got more in the tank than he displays in this book.
    On an interesting side note, if you want to buy the short stories on Amazon Uk at the moment, they’re going for close to £60.

  4. Welcome to the decidedly non-frozen North. Be advised that it’s normally much, _much_ colder than this. Have fun!–Brett

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