The Doctor Is In

Most of you who know me well know that I like to diagnose illnesses in myself (and others). Usually, I’m right, although occasionally I’m wrong.

I’d been thinking what I have is a garden variety corona- or rhinovirus — and it may well be — but what it’s really reminding me of? Is mycoplasma, aka walking pneumonia, which I had a few years ago (Wiscon!), and was very similar. I felt crappy and tired, but not at a high enough level to stop all activities and thought. And, more importantly, I had a cough — I never have a cough, in fact, that’s the only other time I can remember having a cough in recent history. Oh, and this is the perfect setting for acquiring such a beast; it’s way common in younger children in close school settings.

So, I’ve made an appointment on Friday for when I get home and we’ll see if I’m right. (If I am, that would be nice, because it won’t get much worse than this before then and a course of antibiotics will kick it.) Luckily, the heavy lifting here is done, now on to packing, and the remaining lectures and paperwork.

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