There is ice on the INSIDE of my dorm room window. How do you people live like this?

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  1. I’m sorry – I’m laughing so hard right now it is hard to type. Ice inside your window? We had triple-paned glass in Fairbanks and still got ice inside the windows! How about having your tires freeze on your vehicle, or the seats freeze hard – have you seen any of that happen?
    Remember, it’s just a touch of winter you’re having. You’ll be able to use this experience in your writing! It’s like really wicked research or something…

  2. We used to get ice on the inside of our windows when I lived in Cambridge, England for a year as a kid. It made me really appreciate central heating.

  3. The trick is to move to the cold climate from someplace you really wanted to leave. Then you can comfort yourself by realizing (to paraphrase my ever-observant spouse) that the cold place will get warm in a few months, while the other place will continue to suck.

  4. Silly! How could ice form on the *outside* of the window? Don’t you know how cold it is out there? All the outside water is hibernating till spring.

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