Feeling Better

… after sixish hours working on revising/rewriting my first 17 pages. Lots more work still to do, but nice to have done some. I also cleaned the desk and filed all the papers I brought back with me (handouts from lectures, my own manuscripts from workshop with comments, admin stuff).

And, joy of joys, my first packet due date was pushed back to Saturday, February 17th, which gives me almost a month to get the first 40 pages of my now-untitled novel in shape, two short critical essays completed, and to read four or five books and do an annotated bibliography. My advisor is Tim Wynne-Jones, who is a fabulous, inspiring, hilarious writer, and who also–coolest of coolness-wrote the music for Fraggle Rock.

Tomorrow, back to work. Still coughing a bit, but that’s slacked off too.

3 thoughts on “Feeling Better”

  1. Your adviser is Tim Wynne-Jones?!!!! How completely cool is that!!!! I have his new book, Rex Zero warming one of my many TBR piles for a future Bookslut column review. Loved his last book, A Thief in the House of Memory and still have one of my first books by him on the shelf, a great little short story collection, Some of the Kinder Planets.
    He is one of my all time favorite writers. You are such a lucky girl!

  2. Woah this is soo freaky! Yesterday I listened to the Fraggle Rock theme song and today I went on-line to research colleges. Somehow I ended up on your page. I just wanted to say “Hi.” That’s all. Have a good day.” =^_^=

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