Heroes Yammer

And tonight (before the rerun season sets in):

Fallout. The heroes struggle to come to terms with the Texas tragedy; more is learned about the nuclear bombing predicted in Isaac’s painting; Matt and Audrey (Clea DuVall) pursue a new lead in their hunt for Sylar; Niki makes a difficult decision, which will allow her to keep her family safe. Sandra Bennett: Ashley Crow. Zach: Thomas Dekker. The Haitian: Jimmy Jean-Louis. Ando: James Kyson Lee.

This better be good. I’m still mad about Charlie (and the "brain tumor").

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  1. I may have to start watching this show a little more clearly rather than keeping it on as background noise. “What if I step on a bug?” may be the greatest geeky throwaway line ever.

  2. Did they just kill ANOTHER WOMAN? Does a woman have to die (or cheat) every week? Are Claire and Crazy Niki/Jessica the only women with powers left now? This is ridiculous!
    It pisses me off that I like this show. This must stop!

  3. If I wasn’t in love with this show already, the “Sound of Thunder” reference would have put me over the top.
    I wonder if this is the last we’ll ever see of Zach.

  4. Oh, and Gwenda, not to make you any madder, but have you considered the implications of Audrey’s absence from Peter’s vision? At first I thought he was only seeing supers, but Simone and Ando were there as well.
    I suppose it’s possible I’m reading too much into this – I certainly hope so, as Audrey is shaping up into a thoroughly enjoyable character.

  5. Yeah, I gotta say, as much as I appreciate the loving homage to all things geekerific, it would have been nice if they hadn’t brought along (what seems to be so far) the casual mysogyny, expressed on the show using a lot of the same techniques as in comics and games. How many women have there been on this show who weren’t deceitful, dead, or maimed?
    Wiki lists 12 “major” characters for Heroes, three of whom are women.
    Claire the cheerleader turns out to have a little more than that going on personality wise (not just powers wise) but she does, in fact, wear a cheerleading costume in almost every scene.
    Simone Deveaux made an admirable effort to get Isaac clean, but seems to be losing her status as major character (Peter’s vision last night might indicate she’ll be back soon).
    Nikki/Jessica: well, where do you start? Strength equals violence and sexual aggression?
    And like I said, that’s three of twelve.
    Wiki’s “Minor” characters.
    Sandra Bennett (Claire’s mom): Seems like a bit of an airhead. Oh, wait, that’s because her husband is apparently having her pin-point lobotomized whenever he has to work late at the office and doesn’t want to have to explain himself.
    Audrey Hanson (Clea DuVall): Self-described bitch.
    Eden McCain: Apparently unable to deal with her own powers (as seen in the drinking & driving scene of 6 months ago) until taken in hand by the Haitian and HRG, she redeems herself of her deceiving ways just in time to enact a very stupid plan that gets her killed by Sylar (apparently). So she’s a twofer.
    Janice Parkman: Cop’s wife. Cheated on him.
    Angela Petrelli: Mother of the Petrelli boys. Alcoholic (am I conflating this with a character from Ugly Betty?), hid her husband’s mental problems from Peter (her “favorite”), presumably knew about husband’s/now-son’s mob ties.
    Heidi Petrelli: Crippled in car accident owing to family mob ties (husband flies clear).
    Wife of Theodore “Nuke” Sprague: Dies of cancer, presumably caused by her husband’s powers.
    Chanti Suresh: Died as a child, sparking her father’s research.
    Jackie Wilcox: Bitchy cheerleader killed by Sylar.
    “Lisa”: Supposed biological mother of Claire, probably an agent of whatever shadowy outfit HRG works for.
    Mrs. Suresh: Concealed existence of older sister from Mohinder (not listed on Wiki, I just thought of her).
    “Texas” Tina: Friend of Nikki, always available for babysitting while her pal is out doing internet porn and slaughtering poker players, met Nikki at AA, described as “romance-novel loving.” But not deceitful, dead, or maimed, I gotta give ’em that.
    And of course,
    Charlie Andrews: Sweet, attractive in a real-world way instead of a made-for-tv way, literally “super-smart.” Born to die!

  6. Eden getting killed may have been due to contract negotiations according to some cast members, including Pasdar aka Dixie Chick husband. She was my favorite character so far and she’s gone. And give Clea Duvall something else to do besides being bitchy and falling for the mind-reading cop.
    You know if you look at them individually, the men are no prizes either.

  7. At least the men (established characters anyway) aren’t dying all the time!
    I’ve heard the same thing about the pixie, but, still, they could have just disappeared her.

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