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Forbes has a special report on how those book things, with the pages and the words? They’re actually doing okay for themselves. (Via Maud.)


I know it’s wrong to make fun of Suzanne Somers, who has surely helped flatten many, many abdominal muscles, but her answer to the "Books are" thing cracks me up:

Books are… I have spent my lifetime collecting books and devouring books and re-reading books and quoting from books and learning some of my greatest life lessons from books. I have written 16 books since the ’70s, which reflects my Irish heritage for writing, and each one is one of my beloved children. I fear the day when the technos decide that paper books are obsolete and we are reading from PC screens and iPods and eBooks, and we never again experience the little rush of opening a new book and cracking the spine and smelling the print and diving deep into the thoughts of the writer. It’s probably inevitable that this will eventually happen if one looks back on the history of written communication; from chipping messages, to papyrus, to the Guttenberg press, to the typewriter and now the wonderful digital world of computers. No matter how our books come to us now and in the future, the inner thoughts and imagination of the writer will somehow always find an avenue to communicate. I love my books!

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  1. I just don’t understand what an “Irish heritage” has to do with writing. You could say the same for any heritage.
    Her pep grates on a cold Monday morning.

  2. She manages to be both trite and almost profound in the same paragraph. Let’s see either Priscilla Barnes or Jenilee Harrison do that!

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