For Shame

Spot the error in this NYT story about the dragon design for Eragon (I’ll help by bolding it):

Mr. Fangmeier said the 22-year-old author of the “Eragon” novel, Christopher Paolini, had already given Saphira enough lore and mystery to sustain her as a character. He focused instead on one aspect: the business of dragon flight. To that end the filmmaking team spent a lot of time debating the degree to which Saphira’s wings should or should not resemble the standard bat wing. Eventually they added some feathers, though not so many as to tip the creature toward the canine-looking dragon Atreyu from the 1984 fantasy movie “The NeverEnding Story.”

Tsk, tsk. Everyone knows that Atreyu was a hot boy, not a dragon. The dragon is Falkor. And could it not be mentioned that the movie is based on a book as well? (And a better book, at that.)

7 thoughts on “For Shame”

  1. I’m still stuck on “so many [feathers] as to tip the creature toward the canine”. What kind of dog does this guy have?
    Clearly, Mr. Moles, you haven’t been studying your Savage Species supplement. Why, I believe that the Winged Dog is even a playable character race now.
    What a dull campaign you must run, sir.

  2. Well, his name is Dr. Fangmeier.
    There was someone who didn’t think I was a geek? See Christopher’s comment for perspective though.
    You’re right, Dave — I forgot a T. I was just a kid when I saw this movie. And Noah Hathaway was HOTT.

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