The Collected Saga

of Chapter One, anyway. Behind the cut, the full and complete first chapter of The Hideous Tale of the Hideous Return of the Hideous Vampire! (Apparently, he’s not incredibly hideous yet; this is sort of a prequel!)









7 thoughts on “The Collected Saga”

  1. No, no, I didn’t mean text in the sense of the particular word or writing in general, I meant the TEXTS, the words and images and the fusion of the two. Don’t they suggest either rigor or vigor to you?
    I suppose I could computer letter my comics, but a lot of the time I put in the words first and then draw the pictures around ’em, ’cause otherwise I don’t know how much room to leave myself. And when I say “my comics” I pretty much mean “this comic.” I think Gwenda is remembering more of the other one than actually existed.
    I meant vigor.

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