So, this is it for now, though I do still want to make a pretty banner. If you really, really, really hate it leave your godlike technical suggestions of how to make it better below. I ixnayed some of the sidebar content as well, to clean things up a bit — if you actually miss any of what’s gone, let me know.

Regular program set to resume.

I woke up with a terrible head cold. I blame the pink.

27 thoughts on “Okay”

  1. I feel total sympathy – I spent the last few days of work trying to create a new Typepad look for a visiting opera director’s blog, with ohhhh so much frustration and ohhhh so little success…funny how Typepad markets itself as being the single most flexible journaling software for appearance, but it actually turns out to be so difficult and unwieldy to try to manipulate…

  2. I miss the pastel! Just kidding.
    Very pleasant that the width is so much larger now. I do feel a bit conflicted about the orange links: orange is a pretty colour, but the contrast isn’t too great, which makes reading harder for me & my poor old eyes. And I would be very very happy if you could bump up the type size in the left hand column just a little.

  3. of course it is easy to bump up the size, justine! but that makes the rest of gwenda’s lovely site too big in comparison. gwenda, keep the size the way it is if you feel the ‘read read’ columns overwhelms the rest of the screen if it’s larger than now. i’ll cntrl-+ to read what you have to say about books.

  4. J — The problem with WordPress is that then I’d have to get a whole other URL and I have sworn not to move the site again after the great migrations past. So I’ll just have to eventually learn CSS if I want to do anything too fancy.
    Marrije — I actually did try making the type a little bigger in the sidebar, but then I have to bump up the font in the middle column and the increments between the fonts make noooo sense. Way too far apart.
    Dave — That blue is SOOOO 8 p.m. yesterday. I’ve officially given up on being able to do a good color match with a background with my limited skill set. At least for now.
    Must lie down now. Head HURTS.

  5. Oh and p.s. Thanks to y’all for helping. I wish I was better at web fu, but I’m not. Other bloggers go into seclusion and come back with beautiful complicated designs. This is more fun (even if the results aren’t as fancy).

  6. Gwenda, I know you said this is it, but if you change font-size in .module-content to small in stead of x-small, the sidebars are a bit larger and the rest stays the same…
    Or try 11px (that looks OK to me) or 12px.

  7. You’re never going to get into the Baronessa’s talking this way. 🙂
    I have officially decided that monkeying around with your site when a terrible awful viral thing is coming on is foolish. Me a fool. Now I feel awful. I blame computron machine.

  8. Gwenda: I’m afraid the orange text hurts my eyes, particularly with the categories on the left. But I second the move to WordPress. It makes things so much easier. Plus, you can swap to a new theme rather easily!

  9. Oh, come on, surely you read it in bloglines.
    I’m truly incapable of f-ing with this anymore at the moment, but might do some fine-tuning later. No way am I migrating from Typepad right now though. The thought of it makes me sad!

  10. OMG, I’m laughing my ass off right now. I feel sooo bad for you (hope the virus goes away fast) and yet can’t help laughing at the thought of you f-ing with this god damned page while getting sick. Big breath. Must must have a get together sometime soon.

  11. I like the new color scheme much, much better – blue but not pastel = perfect! 🙂
    Good luck feeling better soon. I’m sick at home from work this week too…must be something going around the world blogosphere!

  12. Yeah, please DO get better. Have to say that I like the cool blues. In fact, I like the idea of a blog constantly changing its layout. 🙂

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