Le Sigh

Did I mention this is the WORST form of procrastination? I’m too tired and head explodey to mess around with it anymore, so this is what you get for now. Just pretend it reminds you of the ocean or something.

It’ll probably be the weekend before I have time to fiddle with it more and attempt to come up with a pretty banner — or redeem it in some way. But, by god, that middle column is wider. If nothing else (and honestly, nothing else I attempted even came close to working). I had no idea you all hated Strawberry Shortcake. Have you not heard the story of how I learned to dive because of Strawberry Shortcake?

Obviously not.

Good night and no template reordering/color code dreams. Why does Typepad hate me so?

Updated: Screw it. I just picked a simple template. The middle column maybe looks wider. Maybe. Still not happy.

7 thoughts on “Le Sigh”

  1. I think the blue is more palatable than the pink, though if you have life-achievement memories and feelings attached to the pink due to learning to dive because of Strawberry Shortcake, by all means, do not allow me to prohibit the pinkitude.

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