GilmoreGossipCircle (or is it?)

I’m not convinced what I’ll watch instead of plucking out mine eyes tonight will even count as Gilmore Girls, but here you go:

The Long Morrow: The seventh-season opener picks with Lorelai in bed with Christopher the morning after her argument with Luke. Now she faces the reality of her impulsive act and her belief that the engagement is over. She spends time with Rory, who is puzzled by a mysterious gift that Logan left her.

Description not from the CW, since their flash-heavy site doesn’t seem to include one. (Bad sign.) Join me back here for gnashing of teeth later…

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  1. Yeah, I think you’re right. Not that there wasn’t some stuff that _almost_ rose to the level of GG in there. But Lauren Graham was really phoning it in.
    Nice to see Luke being Luke–but it should have happened last season. It wasn’t the total absolute awful I feared, it just feels OFF. The real show has left the building.

  2. I thought it was funny that they actually sounded normal. I.e. few off-the-wall references, lower velocity talking, etc. What concerns me about this season isn’t that the writing’s going to be terrible, it’s that Lorelai is going to stubborn and we’re going to have to sit through a long, dragged out fight between her and Luke, which… didn’t we do that already?

  3. You’re right! They did sound normal. I was trying to figure out what it was.
    And I long for the Rory of old, who would have instantly figured out the meaning of that and obsessed over whether to freak about it, rather than this weepy creature. Didn’t Rory used to the smart one?

  4. I keep not being sure how much I should be trusting the writers, if that makes sense. For instance: you’re totally right about Rory, Gwenda, that the Rory we used to know would have remembered something like this, or at least not been such a weepy freak. One way to look at this is that it’s part of a longer story about Rory and her sense of self–between having trouble with her classes at Yale, having that awful internship experienec, and whatever other stuff, she’s lost her self-confidence and fallen back on all of this girly-in-the-bad-way stuff. Passive, passive-aggressive, annoying. And if I can trust the writers, then this is something that they’re -aware- of and doing on purpose, and it will turn out to be interesting. If I can’t trust the writers, then they don’t even notice the difference in Rory.
    Likewise Lorelai. She was grating on my every last nerve with her whole “Luke had every opportunity to make this right” routine, because clearly she thinks that’s true, and yet we the viewing audience spent an entire season watching her bend over effing backwards trying to -hide- from Luke that anything was wrong, actively concealing from him that she was upset about the April situation or his behavior or anything. To use her stupid car analogy, you can’t expect him to leave the car door unlocked for you when you’ve rigged up an animatronic doll of yourself to sit in the passenger seat and tell him to ignore the sound of something being dragged behind the car, just keep driving.
    Eh. Apparently I’m more annoyed about this than I had realized.

  5. I didn’t even know when the premier was, so I didn’t even get to watch.
    It still bothers me that ASP was compelled to box the writers in at the end of last season, like she was breaking her toys to make sure no one else played with them. On the one hand I get it, on the other I find it almost insulting, both to the audience and the characters.

  6. Okay, I didn’t hate it. (Please don’t hate me for saying that! ha!)
    First, as for Rory, well I think she kind of acted like a typical twenty-something girl in a relationship that means everything to her but is suddenly up in the air and she has no idea what anything means. She reminded me a lot of how I was in college with a certain guy – and although usually she has it more together I think this is, like you say, more fallout from how much she hasn’t had it together when it comes to Logan. I did think the ending was perfect – she’s ready to go and he has ticketsf or Christmas!!! I also loved Paris’s take on the whole deal – perfectly Paris and that was dead on.
    So now we see what Rory does.
    As for Lorelai, well, at least I can kinda understand why she slept with Christopher. I think she just wanted to completely sabotage the relationship with Luke (and maybe this was obvious to you guys but not to me). This way she is sure he can’t take her back and she won’t have to deal with the angst of will they or won’t they get married and when – she won’t have to fight for him anymore in other words. I don’t even want to think about her getting together with Christopher because that mostly makes me ill, but I can understand why she slept with him.
    Now I just want the whole damn thing to get fixed!
    I did think all the supporting characters were particularly on for this episode – Babette was fab, Kirk through the cafe was classic and the whole arm wrestling with Sookie and Michele – perfect. So, I didn’t hate it.
    At least that’s something!

  7. I didn’t hate it either, but it definitely felt like one of those episodes in a past season where ASP wasn’t writing it. (Not on the level of wrong of a DP episode though.) I think this column pretty much nails how I feel about it. I’d be more than happy to be proven wrong. And really, we didn’t even get to see Richard and Emily, which imo is a good part of the show — I’m interested to see if they get that right.
    Did Lauren Graham’s performance strike anyone else as oddly flat? I think it was intentional, but I couldn’t read the contained emotion she’s hiding as well as I have when she’s been repressing something. Other than the very end, it felt sleepwalkery to me.
    Also: faster talking.
    But I’ll keep watching the Stepford Girls for at least a few more episodes; if they can keep it at this level or improve upon it. It’s just not the same though!

  8. meh
    Really I read Lorelei’s sleeping with Christopher as yet another step in her ongoing need to sabotage every relationship she’s ever had. (because of course this is the thing that Luke can’t forgive, except he probably will if the writers suck as I think they will.)
    And I’m kinda tired of that. We did that storyline with Max and I thought she was actually growing up.
    And I kinda don’t like Rory any more. I hate that her self worth lately seems so tied up with a guy. I want high school Rory back!

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