All Dolled Up

IsonsThis morning, our local paper has a big profile of the fabulous daredevil Sunshine Ison’s amazing parents Cecil and Bet’s place, specifically focusing on Cecil’s fabulous dolls:

The first and most unsettling thing you notice about Cecil and Bet Ison’s Rowan County yard is the baby dolls.

Lots of plastic dolls, or parts of dolls.

Oh, how many nights have I spent there cattily watching beauty pageants and eating ice cream? About a year ago, I realized Sunshine’s probably my oldest friend; we met when we were 16ish at Governor’s School for the Arts. (And now, Erin’s in that category too, since I discovered she became Queen of Louisville and Poetry and we reconnected.)

So this article makes me very happy. There’s a multimedia thing with Cecil talking even. And mention of Bet’s unbelievably beautiful, complicated quilts (if no pictures). Check it. You won’t be sorry.

OH, and related, Sunshine has two great poems in the latest LCRW, "The Posthumous Voyages of Christopher Columbus" and "And If They Are Not Dead, They May Be Living Still." Order now.

4 thoughts on “All Dolled Up”

  1. Jeez louise, that doll stuff is gorgeous! So proud to share my name with a kick ass enviornmental artist.
    I feel inspired.
    thank you!

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