Super Day

Supermanreturns20050907113002822000So, I may not be quite as excited as Karen Meisner is (that picture is SO cute!), but I am mucho looking forward to the new Superman movie. (Christopher, on the other hand, is pretty much as stoked as Ms. Meisner. And doing better, by the by.)

Prompted by Karen’s entry, it seems like a good time to point again to this year’s Fountain Award-winning story "Girl Reporter" by Stephanie Harrell, which the good people at One Story have made available online in its entirety. Its an alternate universe take on the Big Guy; highly recommended. Here’s the opening:

You remember the day he first swooped into our lives, the sky bathed bright orange with zeta-rays. You remember that stray satellite that was crashing toward our fair San Angelo, and what emergency shelter you were fighting the mob to get into.

I, myself, oblivious to personal safety, was snooping around the power plant’s observation chamber, looking for the scoop on flawed disaster fail-safes. Suddenly the klaxon started to sound. Blast doors slammed. As the room I was standing in slid into a defensive domed shape, it wrenched me off my footing, leaving me to grasp and dangle from an inverted railing. On page 46 of Flight of Justice, his so-called memoir, he says he heard my screams from miles away.

Let me assure you, here and now, I did not scream, at least not till much later in our sordid little tale. I was too busy clutching onto steaming steel grillwork, a radioactive roar of heat below me, my hands slippery, wrists about to give. I never scream when these kinds of things happen to me.

See you at the movies.

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  1. Oh, you better believe I’m there for Supes on opening day. But it’s largely because the original Superman was the first movie I saw in a theatre. I was four and was wowed by every minute of it. Back in nineteen hundred and seventy-eight for you historians keeping score. 🙂

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