Little Things

Thanks to all who have called, written and commented with good thoughts — Mr. Rowe says thanks muchly (from his hugely swollen mouth area); it’s more cheering than you know. He’s now settled down on the couch doing what the convalescing should. No, not singing "Convalescing in Spain" ("Perhaps this is the best part"): watching movies (you could probably guess, but yes, it’s LOTR). Tomorrow he has finals. Keep your fingers crossed for upright test-takingness.

Meanwhile, four happier things:

  1. Those little illustrations and pictures on the margins in a dictionary. I love those. There’s a dictionary open next to me right now, and I can see a child’s photo for water-ski, a lily with a star behind it for water lily, another flowery illustration for water hyacinth, a picture for waterfall, and a picture of mother and child for water buffalo; on the facing page, there’s a little bird for water ouzel, a settery or pointeryish dog in silhouette for water spaniel, a turbine for water wheel, and a picture of a quizzical bird for wattle. I could do this for hours, if I had hours to do it for.
  2. Endicott Studio has gone and gotten itself a blog. Do stop by and check out the fabulous blog stylings of Midori Snyder and Terri Windling and Helen Pilinovsky and who knows who else. (Thanks for the well wishes, Midori! And yes, the chocolate milkshake family is a cure-all in my book and I also made him mousse yesterday).
  3. Time Magazine cites Jeff Ford as one of five mystery writers to investigate.
  4. You should take Shelley Jackson’s mutant typology test. I’m a CRANIOPAGUS PARASITE.

4 thoughts on “Little Things”

  1. OMG, I can’t believe you reset the Judybats! I had a Judybatissance in mid May and could tell you stories about Jeff Heiskell that, well…
    If you’re interested, I also have the disc Paul put together for fans, etc. back in the pre-Internerd days, which I’d happily copy for you.
    For obvious reasons, the entire “Pain Makes You Beautiful” album has been part of my mental soundtrack these days.

  2. Oh great and wily cinetrix, I would LOVE it! I don’t even know why I thought of them, but then I desperately had to hear that album. I heart the Judybats, but hadn’t listened to them in years.
    I wore the cassette tape (yes, I know) of Pain Makes You Beautiful OUT.

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