Help Me LJers (Updated)

So, over the past few days I’ve been slowly unsubscribing to LJ feeds on bloglines and friending people so I can read all the LJs I track on the so-called "Friends" page on the account I started over there awhile back to be able to comment on people’s entries. Mostly, this started because my number of feeds in bloglines was getting too huge; it’s quicker to read you guys this way AND, more importantly, I can see how many comments an entry has. If you’re wondering why I suddenly friended you, that’s why. (And there will be more friending to come!)

Now I need help. I’ve set an arbitrary deadline of the last day of summer to get a first draft done of Aztec Dance Tunes. And I want to keep a progress diary over there at the LJ annex, because I don’t want to do it here. It’ll only be a couple of times a week, maybe three, but what I must, must, must have is one of those little progress bars you LJ lot are always showing off. But I am clueless as to where one gets the code for this and googling has turned up nada. So help me. There or here.

Updated: Got it! That was fast. Thanks, Jason!

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