Accidental Saturday

Well, we spent seven hours at the ER last night (Saturday night at the ER — we saw a guy get a three inch knife taken out of his chest right in front of us!) waiting for Mr. Rowe to get treated for the results of a pretty nasty bicycle crash. He is not, as they say, resting comfortably, but he is pain-medicated and resting and will be fine. He has new stitches, will get a trip to the dentist tomorrow (not in the Veronica Mars sense), and has a hugely awful amount of soft tissue swelling around his throat. Pray for gentle billing; welcome to the world of uninsured students. And it’s finals week!

Needless to say, there’s a helluva lot of busy going on here, so expect radio silence.

24 thoughts on “Accidental Saturday”

  1. Thanks, guys.
    No broken bones, a few chipped teeth. Mostly, it’s the throat that’s causing the worst pain, and all the freaking bruises, and the lip that is five times its normal size. I’m trying to convince him to let me take pictures.

  2. Oh poor Christopher. I hope he heals quickly. How about chocolate malts? Can he do those at least? (I’m convinced they have great healing property whenever teeth and throats are involved.)My best to both of you for a speedy recovery.

  3. Oh no, how awful! Best wishes for a speedy recovery (the most galling part is the health-insurance stuff, with luck they will send you only a humane bill….).

  4. A three-inch knife?? Yagh! Just what you wanna see after your own physical trauma!
    Here’s to a speedy mend. And, hey, contact your local Lutheran/Catholic/Whateva charities ASAP. I got into a medical mishap without insurance, and they were, well, a god-send.

  5. That sounds horrible — both the accident and the ER visit. Sending you both good thoughts for a quick recovery and manageable healthcare fees…

  6. Throat injury, ow. Sounds like you dodged some worse possibilities, anyway, though chipping teeth (not to mention fixing them) doesn’t sound like much fun. I hope you’re both enjoying lots of cool, soothing ice cream and well-chilled drinks this week. Good luck in mending and coping with the busy.

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