Items of Decorporealization

Cfghost03chardonnayus_smallWe had a mostly pleasant, busy weekend that started off with us purchasing the last bottle of Cockfighter’s Ghost (2004, Chardonnay), because the title and label were just unpassupable. We ended the weekend drinking it, with a fabulous, mostly homemade pizza. (There were a couple of other delightful Chilean wines in the interim.) And we discovered that the wine shop makes a great burger.

Four thumbs up to the opener of Hex, which is nothing like Buffy, but is pretty damn charming on its own steam. You’d never see teen sexuality dealt with quite so openly or cheekily on American television (at least not yet), but the tone and content are very similar to what you get in good YA fiction here. And none of us watching found it slow at all. (Though we were concerned about the nonexistent eyebrows/overplucking issues on display.) Also, a thumbs-up to The Family Stone, which I’d wanted to see ever since Laura Demanski (aka OGIC) wrote about it so glowingly.

I’m not taking an official hiatus or anything so dramatic, but posting may be heavy or light, depending on the day, for the next month. Between now and July 12 (my 30th birthday, coincidentally), I have to:

– do massive amounts of freelance editing work
– write an application essay (oh, woe, do these make anyone else feel like a moronic fraud?) and a critical essay for the MFA skool
– write at least two new chapters of Aztec Dance Tunes and polish the first 25 pages for MFA skool application
– ensure that husband gets story written and gets safely to Sycamore Hill
– make sure I eat and cat and dog theater are taken care of during the week he’s gone
– and everything else of the normal life tasks.

So yeah, posting may be light. It may also be full of typos and poorly thought out. (But how would that be different than normal, you ask? Moreso.) But rest assured: I love you. You’re my favorite. I’ll be back, just like the Ahnuld.

And things will normalize on July 13.

One hopes.

9 thoughts on “Items of Decorporealization”

  1. We were watching Hex too, totally by accident–and we were like, wtf IS this? But it was great.

  2. i had someone come up to me and say, “did you hear Gwenda read from her new novel? it’s really great, you really ought to talk to her.”
    i hung my head in shame, and said yes, i do have trouble waking up in the mornings.

  3. I DVRd Hex and watched it last night; pretty damned impressive. I like the fact that there is a depth to characters. They exist in shades of grey, instead of straight black and white, good versus evil.

  4. Yay for more Aztec Dance Tunes! And yay? for more freelancing, because money is good but OMG the tight schedule…
    Speaking of which, I really ought to get back to mine. *sigh*
    Happy birthday, in advance.

  5. Thx, guys.
    Mr. McL: The premise doesn’t strike me as sustainable for more than a season, so I’m not surprised to hear that. Although I suppose I could see possibilities if she becomes a witch or voodoo queen or something.

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