Monday Hangovers

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  1. I was uberbummed that they didn’t have any ARCs at BEA. I did manage to read the first chapter or so of KDL’s though, and very nearly snatched it. Beautifully designed too.

  2. The NYT article on private libraries makes them sound just to die for…if you have the money. Which is an awfully big “if”, since what they call “modest fees” sound un-doable to me and to an awful lot of families I know. ($275 for a family membership? How many families can do that? I sure couldn’t justify paying even $50 a year out of our current income.) I finished the article feeling annoyed and, of course, very jealous. 🙁
    But the haunted book auction did of course cheer me up. 🙂

  3. I know what you mean, Steph. I’m very suspicious of it personally. I love our public library so much; I often feel like it’s a private membership library because I rarely have to wait for any books I want to check out, it’s usually not very crowded, and I actually think the complete spectrum of people one sees there (like the racetrack, really) is part of its charm. But part of me wonders if the kind of people who belong to private libraries aren’t probably also the kind who give money to public libraries. But maybe they’re not.

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