Luddite Trouble

Cautionary Tale

Those of you downloading the recentish Firmware update for Macbooks, take care and follow the directions EXACTLY; your clumsiness (me) managed to screw it up and render my computer unusable for about an hour at one in the morning last night. Luckily, Mr. Rowe was present, made a magic CD, and fixed it. Much nail-biting in the interim.


Just lost a huge-ish hangovers post full of mucho good stuff to an inexplicable Firefox restart. I may try and recreate tomorrow. (Whatever happened to that little "recover post" thingy in Typepad?)

Again: Grrrr.

In other news, we repositioned our desks (and somewhat recombobulated our kitchen!) according to the ancient mystical guidelines of Feng Shui. I feel more productive already.

Or I did before the post went poof. Grumble. Grumble.

Be Wary

… oh, fellow Typepad users. All my content still existed this morning, and then all the lovely birthday comments went poof! Going dark until tomorrow in defensive posture…

Help Me LJers (Updated)

So, over the past few days I’ve been slowly unsubscribing to LJ feeds on bloglines and friending people so I can read all the LJs I track on the so-called "Friends" page on the account I started over there awhile back to be able to comment on people’s entries. Mostly, this started because my number of feeds in bloglines was getting too huge; it’s quicker to read you guys this way AND, more importantly, I can see how many comments an entry has. If you’re wondering why I suddenly friended you, that’s why. (And there will be more friending to come!)

Now I need help. I’ve set an arbitrary deadline of the last day of summer to get a first draft done of Aztec Dance Tunes. And I want to keep a progress diary over there at the LJ annex, because I don’t want to do it here. It’ll only be a couple of times a week, maybe three, but what I must, must, must have is one of those little progress bars you LJ lot are always showing off. But I am clueless as to where one gets the code for this and googling has turned up nada. So help me. There or here.

Updated: Got it! That was fast. Thanks, Jason!

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