Luddite Trouble

Cautionary Tale

Those of you downloading the recentish Firmware update for Macbooks, take care and follow the directions EXACTLY; your clumsiness (me) managed to screw it up and render my computer unusable for about an hour at one in the morning last night. Luckily, Mr. Rowe was present, made a magic CD, and fixed it. Much nail-biting …

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Just lost a huge-ish hangovers post full of mucho good stuff to an inexplicable Firefox restart. I may try and recreate tomorrow. (Whatever happened to that little "recover post" thingy in Typepad?) Again: Grrrr. In other news, we repositioned our desks (and somewhat recombobulated our kitchen!) according to the ancient mystical guidelines of Feng Shui. …

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Be Wary

… oh, fellow Typepad users. All my content still existed this morning, and then all the lovely birthday comments went poof! Going dark until tomorrow in defensive posture…

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