Haroldtopchef_1Okay, so, why not? This is my other favorite show at the moment and we’re up to the reunion special tonight (which Ms. Keane has heard will be a catty debacle) and next week’s the finale. (Photo also snitched from Erin.)

Anyway, my two favorite Top Chef-obsessed bloggers are Erin and the fabulous Liza Palmer. Here’s why.

Liza Palmer: Okay, it’s on – Tom Colicchio. If Harold doesn’t win this bitch I swear…I’m…well, I’m not really going to do much of anything – I mean, I’m not really confrontational or for that matter very motivated or anything…so, it’s more of an empty threat…but, I will seriously be very confused and more than a little angry. For like a couple minutes until someone waves something shiny in front of me and then that would more than likely grab my attention pretty good.


Erin Keane: Further gratuitous Harold commentary: sleeveless black t-shirt? Hot. Though I hope those white shoes were, like, regulation uniform shoes or something. They looked orthopedic to me. I should know. I wore orthopedic shoes until kindergarten. What the fuck, I was pigeontoed. But I never wore them into a sex shop, or paired them with a hot sleeveless number that makes me look like the oldest boy left in high school, the one with the Z-28 and the substitute teacher’s phone number, you know the guy who’d been shaving, or not, for so long he no longer fronted the ratstache just to prove he could, preferring to graduate to a three-o’clock shadow that gave your face a particular flavor of rug burn that betrayed your afterschool activities to your parents who angrily whispered things like "juvie" and "Outward Bound" after they thought you’d gone to bed. God, where did I put my Guns ‘n’ Roses album?

8 thoughts on “TopChefChat”

  1. Harold has the chef arrogance and (guessing, since we can’t taste thru the TV – yet) the food chops to win, but for my TV chef crush there’s nobody better than Tony Bourdain.

  2. Harold should win though we were all sad when Leeane was voted off the kitchen island. And Dave, the wild card? He’s already going to Cannes, can he surprise us and take the whole thing?
    Bourdain in Japan rocked this week; we’re looking forward to his China episode–we’re all about Asian food over here! xxoo, tHB

  3. Of the three, I think Harold should win. But I really had liked LeAnne and thought she had what it took to win until the wedding fiasco.
    Dave bothers me in that he’ll say “shit” when talking to the judges, even when they’re at a table and he’s serving them. Now, I am very adept at using and even creating new profane words, but it seems to me that if you’re serving top food, the last thing you want your customers to hear is the word “shit.” And the crying really annoys me… being a top chef means being a boss. Which means, you can’t cry at every little thing.
    Tiffany? needs to be smacked upside the head for the diva ‘tude.

  4. thanks for turning me on to the other top chef bloggers… i’ve blogged quite a bit about it too!… the reunion was SO combative!… they were all drunk except harold! I love harold… nice blog.

  5. Dear Gwenda,
    Please stop getting me addicted to TV shows. kthanx?
    hugs and kisses.
    ps. can you believe skanky old jade is still on top model.

  6. In my Road to the Rioja Reunion post, I didn’t even address the, seriously, MINUTES worth of footage they devoted to Miguel’s farts. Dude seems sincere, but you can’t take him out in public.
    Team Harold! Thanks for the shout.

  7. I finally got a chance to watch it last night. Wow. Best reunion show ever. They were all so drunk. That Irish guy is insane.

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