Monday Hangovers

4 thoughts on “Monday Hangovers”

  1. Ha! I have definitely observed (and fastidiously practice) the duplicate-order taboo.
    My friends have always made fun of me for this, but now I know it’s just my roots showing. Now can we talk about ketchup on hot dogs, please?

  2. It is, in fact, common for my Chicago friends to ask me what I’m having, tell me “oh, I was thinking of having that,” and then change their order.
    Then again, Chicagoans are just plain wierd about a lot of things.

  3. Alabaster rules so much. It’s awesome. I’m reviewing it for the June issue of Locus.

  4. Yet another example of my social oblivion. Looking back, I can see situations in which this Chicago food phenomenon had taken place around me, and I missed it completely … because, like so much that Chicago people do, it makes NO SENSE! No telling how many people I’ve offended.

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