So, yet another weekend with Far Too Much To Do. Emma is now Officially Officially ours forever and ever. (Not that anyone could have taken her and kept their limbs before the paperwork was signed, but … now it’s signed.) C’s in finals week. I am still shamefully behind on email. Yeah.

BUT. Next weekend I look forward to a blissful Only What You Want to Do Weekend. I suggest you have one as well.

And I had a massage Friday night and got back into writing-the-book headspace, as opposed to writing-freelance-stuff headspace. (Boy, does it suck only having X amount of available time sometimes.)

All good things. Stop by the LBC frequently this week for Jeffrey Ford/The Girl in the Glass goodness and please comment and email me and etc. etc. — tomorrow will open with a wine-fueled post by yours truly. Oh joy. And I have to hit publish regardless.


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