This sounds great:

"Plan B" Veronica and Weevil work together to bring Felix’s murderer to justice.

That is all.

4 thoughts on “VeronicaMarsTalk”

  1. I spent last night going, “Ooh, shiny new computer…oh, look, VM is on…but–shiny new computer!…but: Weevil!…shiny new computer…compuuuuuuuter…WHERE’S THE FRUITBAT!?!?!?”
    And then I picked my jaw up off the floor and started looking for torrents.

  2. I loved the curiosity pas de deux of Weevil and V. Loved it! More funny KB, sez me.
    I told Mac to get away from Beaver. Something’s not on the level with that boy. Jerk.
    (Or with Woody. Creepy molesty vibes, anyone?)
    Am officially tired of Wallace. I was never so much feelin’ the love, but now I’m over him. Why kiss Jackie? Because she’s not quite as boring as Jane? Because as long as things are going badly for her and her dad she’s nice as pie? New sidekick!
    (Dons flame-proof garb.)

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