The Truth About George

TodayThere were a lot of things George Rowe the Dog, Poster Boy for American Values, My Attorney, did that made him different than most dogs. Things that made him extra-special. Here’s ten:

1. Became world-famous. One of George’s most often-used nicknames is "The World Famous George Rowe the Dog" (always followed by a cheer of some sort, usually "Yay!"). There’s a reason.

2. Started a political movement.Voter

3. Was used by CNN as the Poster Boy for American Values in cut-aways from the Supreme Court building during the deliberations on the 2000 election.

4. Was an honorary member of the U.S. Capital security force. George likely had top secret clearance.

Passivepassive5. Pioneered the world-famous passive-passive defense against things he didn’t like, such as baths.

6. Could fly laying flat on the floor. And shake hands with the best. He almost never barked. He had a huge heart and spirit. And everyone loved him instantly.Christpoherhugsgeorge

7. Ate only Mickey Mouse-shaped pancakes. (It was in his contract rider.)

8. Did everything Christopher Rowe ever told him to do and meant.

9.  Was always a good boy.

Inhiselement10. Made us happy when we were sad.

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