Please tell me this isn’t supposed to be a love interest re-developing.

"The Rapes of Graff" Veronica is surprised when her shady ex-boyfriend Troy Vandergraff gets accused of date rape and calls her for help.

And we’ll hope that Bones is back on its game tonight too. (Not to mention ANTM.) Let TV night commence! (And welcome back stateside, Chance.)

Also: Niall, stop giving me heart attacks.

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  1. I’m guessing we’ll see more of Troy next year. I can’t really bring myself to care.
    I just said elsewhere, “I do find myself liking Hannah–she got played, sure, but she did the best she could with the available evidence. Maybe just relieved that I don’t share my name with yet another sporkworthy sort, though.”
    Did a lot of snickering at the jokes and shoutouts, and I was loffing the Wallace.

  2. I really liked this episode too — especially George Michael and Maeby. Perhaps the bad Arrested Development news is good for having them return next year; I liked both the characters. Maeby’s cute with no hair.
    The Logan/Hannah storyline — I’ll be happy if it ends here, which it won’t. I like her, yes, but there’s just something about the whole way it’s being played that grates a bit. She looks so much younger than the rest of them.
    And Bones had its moments (Angela-heavy = good), but I could have done without spectral girl in the desert at the end.

  3. Yes on Zach! I think what will happen is that they’ll make him get his PH.D. then he’ll be a full member of the team.

  4. SO, I guess we know where Veronica will be going to college…
    and suddenly the apparently weird decision to leave the “campus rapist” thing unresolved (and let’s face it–there is no way Veronica would just drop a story about someone who drugs & rapes women, not after her experiences) makes sense as a plot thread to pick up next season.
    WORST SWANKY HOTEL EVER. God, they’ll just let anyone burst in on their patrons! If I were Logan I’d be having people fired and shit. (Of course, if it were my daughter in there, I might have just kicked the door in.)
    I loved the “It’s legal!” campaign poster.
    Did I miss the resolution of that “who wanted the briefcase” plot during a micro-coma, or was that left hanging too?
    Also, sassy is clearly worth at least 60 points.

  5. I’ve never seen AD, but I thought both the non-hair girls looked great. (Though granted, I’d rather they got that way by themselves.)
    Hannah baked a file into a cake. Love. Instant love.
    (But agreed that I have no interest in watching a long drawn-out Romeo and Juliet scenario. Snooze.)
    The doc did have a key card to Logan’s hotel room, so it may not have been a busting in…?
    Ditto the campaign poster love. 18 – It’s legal! Elect Lamb!
    I kept wandering away during Bones and I wish I hadn’t. Angela is teh cool and what I saw was character-building goodness.

  6. I thought there was a bellman, or a desk clerk or something behind the cokehead doctor, meant to indicate he had gotten someone from the hotel to just let him in to Logan’s room, without even calling up or knocking.

  7. I thought they pretty much hit this one out of the park. Things:
    – The case of the week had an emotional punch that’s been lacking for a while.
    – I like that Logan’s reasons for being with Hannah are *still* ambiguous: I think there’s a distinct possibility he’s doing it because he doesn’t want to be responsible for causing more pain, rather than he actually loves her.
    – Wallace!
    – Keith!
    – They managed to integrate the arc bits *much* better than they have been doing
    – I have no idea who you’re talking about wrt AD. I’ve seen exactly one episode of that show.
    – Is it me, or did the college look just a leetle bit like Sunnydale High from some angles?
    And I’m sorry about the heart attacks. In my defence, I gave myself one too.

  8. I didn’t see any ambiguity in Logan’s reasons for being with Hannah. Logan craves affection like addicts crave heroin. He thought he could do without it after Veronica dumped him – the empty relationship with Kendall, his manipulation of Hannah. But the minute she starts treating him lovingly, he melts, because he desperately wants what she’s offering.
    Which, by the way, I don’t consider to be a point in his favor, except inasmuch as he hasn’t yet given up completely on the idea of being loved. Logan comes clean with Hannah not because he feels guilty or because he feels anything genuine for her as a person. He does it because it gratifies his desire, and I’m absolutely certain that his grief at the end of the episode has nothing to do with the fact that he’s completely derailed her life – he’s just jonesing for another fix.

  9. I mostly agree with that assessment, Abigail. I also think that we’re at least meant to read into it that what he’s seeing in Hannah is a chance for a redemption of sorts. That he’s realizing just how nasty a person he really is capable of being and she’s the only thing counteracting that nastiness (and even that he’s tainted). Because Hannah is willing to believe in him, he wants to buy what she’s selling — he wants her to be right, even when he knows that she’s wrong.

  10. *waves to G*
    I guess I stand alone in not thinking all that much of this episode.
    OK, Cliff handcuffed to a bed? Comedy gold.
    Otherwise, I found the rape plot a bit tedious, I don’t care about Hannah and Logon, and the police department becomes more and more cartoony and less and less believable.
    but YAY Wallace!

  11. You’re probably right that there’s a chance for redemption for Logan, Gwenda, but that chance has always existed and he’s always turned away from it and chosen selfishness and vindictiveness. I’ll be very happy if his experience with Hannah proves to be a turning point for Logan, but he’s already squandered too many other opportunities for me to feel comfortable hoping for it.
    I should probably say that I’m being pretty harsh on the kid here. The reason that Logan craves affection is that at this point in his life (and probably for quite a bit of time during season 1 and before) there’s no one who genuinely loves him and expresses that love. I get why Logan is the way he is and it is profoundly unfair for anyone to expect him to just wake up and change himself, unaided. Problem is, that’s exactly what he’s going to have to do.

  12. Hey Abigail — I think I was being unclear. I don’t think Hannah is Logan’s chance for redemption (though I think you’re right that maybe he has one), but I think he is seeing her as that right now. And I agree with everything else you’re saying.
    Chance — Welcome back! I watched this episode again last night with Christopher and thought it was even better than the first time. So yes, you are the freakish freak who doesn’t like it! 🙂

  13. Sigh. Always the freakish freak.
    (But how awesomely mean was Janice to Gina on ANTM? How could they have gotten rid of her as a judge.)

  14. Finally saw this episode. Still loving the Logan in all his proto-psycho glory. I like Hannah a lot, but I think she’s out of the picture, at least for a while. I doubt Logan will fly across the country to see her, because they don’t actually have much of a relationship beyond her symbolic value to him: he sees himself reflected in her eyes as the kind of person he’d like to be. Of course it’s self-centered, but I give him props for at least wanting to be that person, and for wanting to be with someone who encourages him to behave with more honor than most of the morally bankrupt people in his life have ever expected of him.
    He respected that moral strength in Veronica, too, when they were together. But of course she actually demanded he live up to higher standards and took him to task when he screwed up. Unlike Hannah, whose idealistic and forgiving nature would probably not stand up to Logan for long. She’s a drunkard’s dream but despite his best intentions, he’d just end up walking all over her again.
    No matter how well a hotel protects the privacy of its patrons, if a lawyer shows up at their door screaming statutory rape (and they’ve just seen the girl in question go through the lobby with Logan), I think they have to confront the patron. They should have knocked, but we can be charitable and chalk that up to a dramatic device. After this, though, I hope Logan leaves the hotel and invests in some of Beaver’s shady real estate.
    So who wanted the briefcase? With all the entangled plots we’ve got this season, it could be absolutely anybody…

  15. I just caught up with this last night. I thought it was a strong ep; at a couple of points my disbelief was not-entirely-suspended, but I was laughing so it was OK. (e.g., the taser-on-the-points-counter, the unlikely serendipity at the wig store followed by the Emmy speech. Man, KB can be funny.) So very happy to see Maeby and George Michael well used; Michael Cera was particularly endearing in his goofy way.
    I’m not that sorry to see Hannah go, because honestly she looks about 13 and the whole relationship was freaking me out. I was thinking, though, that for Logan losing her is almost worse than the murder rap. If it wasn’t for the whole, you know, prison thing, I’d wager that Logan would be perfectly content to be hated by 99% of Neptune if he could have one person who saw him like Hannah did. Poor little unloved psycho.

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