Two Things

1. Sorry for the scant content around these parts this week. I haven’t had real, serious sleep in three days or so and am swamped. I owe you email. I know. I know.

2. The science fiction and fantasy issue of Publishers Weekly comes out next Monday. It will feature a feature by yours truly on the recent spate of literary novels featuring fantasy or supernatural elements, and also touches on literary genre fiction being published within the SF field. I interviewed Kevin Brockmeier, Ed Kastenmeier (Brockmeier’s editor), Juliet Ulman, Tina Pohlman, etcetera, and was pleased with how the piece turned out. I’ve no idea whether it will be online; if it is, I’ll link it. It’s here.

5 thoughts on “Two Things”

  1. God, it’s a relief to see an article discussing the blending of lit & genre in such a common-sense way, simply informative and appreciative of the phenomenon. I’ve gotten used to expecting some inevitable tone of condescending or defensive skew in these kind of pieces, so yours stands out as a beacon of sanity. You got some great quotes in there, too.

  2. Thanks, Mike and Karen. I really wanted to look at both sides of the equation and not start from the assumption that genre is a ghetto and these books are escaping because they’re literary. There are plenty of literary books in genre, as we all know.

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