The Onion = Still Funny

"It’s Funny How What You’re Saying Relates To My Novel":

Your mother wants you to go back to him, says weathering the storm is the solution. Where have I seen that before? Oh yes, on page 64 of my manuscript. Anyhow, I could see maybe staying if he only hit you in the arm, but this is serious. You sure don’t want to be Marsha Ewell. (That’s the wife in my novel. The Ewell family is totally dysfunctional, but no one does anything about it. They all just act like it’s okay, especially her mother. Which is sort of like your mom. Wow, uncanny how I nailed that, months before all this.)

Ha. (Via Bookninja.)

Updated: And don’t miss this one either.

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  1. “I might take her to the reading I’m doing with Soft Skull Press. What do you think? Date-worthy?”

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