Rebuttals Continue

Liz Hand sends a letter to Locus about the NYTBR’s new SF column:

I lay awake last night brooding over Dave Itzkoff’s list of his favorite SF books. I was delighted to see his positive review of David Marusek’s stunning new novel, but the list troubles me: no women? no writers of a younger vintage than China Mieville? With all respect for Lucius Sorrentino, Itzkoff’s list seems as though it were compiled by a dutiful student who had taken a single elective course in the literature, focusing on white male SF writers of the last century. In light of Octavia Butler’s recent and tragic death, this seems particularly egregious.

Best regards,

Elizabeth Hand

Speaking of which, recent events seem to have resurrected the letters page; always a good thing in my opinion. There’s been some robust debate there in the past.

Updated: Yet another reason to love Ed.

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