Cooking With M

From Julia Child’s New York Times’ obituary in 2004: After World War II broke out, she signed up for intelligence work with the Office of Strategic Services, hoping to become a spy, but was sent off as a file clerk to Ceylon. There she met Paul Child, the head of a chart-making division who was …

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Eye Witnesses

The NYT currently features a fascinating piece that documentarian Errol Morris put together about the power of images and the ease of faking them and what that might mean in the larger cultural context. It’s mostly a conversation with a couple of experts in digital photography and fakery. Here’s an excerpt from part featuring professor …

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The New York Times has a fun little slideshow in celebration of the number 8 (in honor of today’s date – 8/8/08), featuring the kind of lists miscellanies are famous for.

Turtle Power

That would be Emma the Dog investigating an interloper in our backyard yesterday. This turtle doesn’t seem anywhere near as talented as this guy in D.C., but all he’d find in our back yard is extra yellow bikes and they’re pretty easy to spot. (Poor college student in that story, huh? Bummer, dude.)

Indiana Jones in Egypt, Etc.

The NYT has an interesting story about archeologists digging into the work-a-day world of ancient Egypt, as opposed to the traditional big money pyramids and the like: "This is a really amazing site, at the cutting-edge of recent Egypt archaeology," said Stuart Tyson Smith of the University of California, Santa Barbara, who was not involved …

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Hidden Treasure

The NYT has a story about a trunk of junk bought at a yard sale in Kentucky that turned out to be full of correspondence and prints by Weegee, the (in)famous New York photog. One letter sent from Munich reads: "Looks like the picture won’t be finished on time," the letter explains. "It rains every …

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