Monday Hangovers & Etc.

Whoopsie, disappeared again there, but lo! I am back.

The final version of Blackwood has been turned in after a last round of changes and copy edits, and I wrote my dedication and acknowledgements–or Ded & Acks as I titled the file, noting that it would be an excellent name for a band. I got a little teary. We also clobbered tax prep over the weekend (commence the waiting and hoping it's not too painful). And, best of all, I now have approval to proceed on the new book. (I am SO excited about this book.) Anyway: whew! And it's only Monday.

Oh, and I have a looong feature in this week's issue of PW. If you're a subscriber and interested in the state of parenting and child care books, there you go. And now a few little links.




2 Responses to “Monday Hangovers & Etc.”

  1. david e

    dunno if our getting the word out helped, but FLB was featured in a PRI radio story on the show MARKETPLACE about the hopeful settlements of underwater mortgages. thanks for picking it up as well.

  2. Gwenda Bond

    Hopefully it will shame BofA into doing what they should be already! Loveloved your post.

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