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I’ll See you in hell — release day!

Sometimes people ask me if it ever gets old, releasing a new book, feeling it in my hands, seeing it all laid out and pretty on an e-reader, EXISTING and out there for anyone to buy and read. So does it? No, it only gets more special. 

This time feels big to me. Sure, it’s partly because I’m moving into a new genre. But it’s also impossible not to think about the joy I’ve gotten reading and watching rom-coms, and look at the shiny paperback of Not Your Average Hot Guy and just say to it, “Go out into the world little book (and sequel) and make other people happy.” It feels like part of a karmic chain of giving back some of the fun, funny, joyous magic of so many of the books I love. And I hope that’s how it feels to you. 

Release weeks are very important for authors. There are lots of options to buy this one and there’s always the library! If you’re an audiobook fan, I was involved in the casting and consulted on various things, which isn’t usually the case for me, and I think they nailed it. Now, let me remind you what’s the what, and then talk about some of the fun and absolutely free events you can register for!

A paranormal romantic comedy at the (possible) end of the world. 

All Callie wanted was a quiet weekend with her best friend. She promised her mom she could handle running her family’s escape room business while her mom is out of town. Instead a Satanic cult shows up, claiming that the prop spell book in one of the rooms is the real deal, and they need it to summon the right hand of the devil. Naturally they take Callie and her friend, Mag, along with them. But when the summoning reveals a handsome demon in a leather jacket named Luke who offers to help Callie stop the cult from destroying the world, her night goes from weird to completely strange.

As the group tries to stay one step ahead of the cult, Callie finds herself drawn to the annoying (and annoyingly handsome) Luke. But what Callie doesn’t know is that Luke is none other than Luke Morningstar, Prince of Hell and son of the Devil himself. Callie never had time for love, and with the apocalypse coming closer, is there room for romance when all hell’s about to break loose?

From New York Times bestselling author Gwenda Bond, Not Your Average Hot Guy is a hilarious romantic comedy about two people falling in love, while the fate of the world rests on their shoulders.

What are other people saying? 

“Fun, funny, hot, and heartfelt: Not Your Average Hot Guy is The Good Place but 20% nerdier and 200% sexier. The apocalyptic beach read that everyone needs.” —Alix E. Harrow, Hugo-Award-winning author of The Once and Future Witches

“I never knew the Apocalypse could be so much fun! I absolutely loved spending time with these characters, and in this world. Even if it is almost ending.” —Kat Howard, Alex-Award-winning author of An Unkindess of Magicians

“Bestselling YA author Bond (Dead Air) makes her adult debut with an entertaining paranormal rom-com and duology launch. The result is fun, light, and funny.”—Publishers Weekly

“Delightful mythological elements and laugh-out-loud humor make this a light-hearted, feel-good paranormal romcom. Mature teens will enjoy the Hell mythology, adventure, and humor as well as the twentysomething characters who are still trying to live up to parental expectations.“—Booklist

Tuesday, October 5: Join me and one of the funniest, most romantic people I know, John Scalzi, for a virtual launch event hosted by my beloved local indie Joseph-Beth Booksellers Lexington that is sure to be a blast on release day, October 5, at 7 p.m. John and I will be live together at the Lexington Writer’s Room beaming this out into the world on zoom. You can order a signed copy of the book and/or RSVP to the event right here
Wednesday, October 6: I’ll be joining the wonderful genius Alix E. Harrow to help launch her A SPINDLE SPLINTERED, out the same day as NYAHG (and you are going to love it!) in person at Joseph-Beth Booksellers Cincinnati. 
Saturday, October 9: Join me and two of my favorite romance writers, the phenomenal Jen DeLuca and Katee Robert, for a discussion hosted by Brookline Booksmith about all things Renaissance, gods and devils, and rom-com
Monday, October 11: Join me and the absolutely fabulous Ashley Poston for a discussion of nerdy goodness, Lucifer, and rom-coms hosted by Fountain BookstoreSign up here!

Brookline Booksmith and Fountain Bookstore will have signed books available via bookplates I sticker-ed and doodled on! So y’all come to one or more of these! I’ll remind you of the second round of events closer to when they happen!

I’m also DELIGHTED to say that the Nowhere Bookshop has chosen Not Your Average Hot Guy as the October selection for their Happy Endings Romance Book ClubYou can join up and get a copy from there too!

Other buy links:

Barnes & Noble

Whew! I would just like to end with a thank you to each and every one of you. I take not a single reader for granted, and I hope you have a good time with this book. And, if you do, please consider telling a friend or posting about it somewhere or leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads or on the inside of a bathroom stall door*. It all helps!

*Not actually encouraging vandalism, swearsies. Though I would laugh. And probably be blamed for it. 😉

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A few misc. things!

Some book recs! These are all authors I recently interviewed too:

  • Chuck Wendig’s The Book of Accidents – Great spooky season read or any season read. Here’s the interview.
  • Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s Velvet Was the Night – A period noir that is simply gorgeous. Here’s the interview.
  • Kami Garcia’s Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity – This hardboiled take on these characters it not a romance, but it is FANTASTIC. Now collected in a graphic novel, as of this week. Here’s the interview.

And re: my own upcoming book — Booklist just weighed in with a fabulous review of Not Your Average Hot Guy, which again emphasizes the cross-over for YA readers!

Delightful mythological elements and laugh-out-loud humor make this a light-hearted, feel-good paranormal romcom. For fans of MaryJanice Davidson’s Undead and Unwed (2004), Gini Koch’s Touched by an Alien (2010), and Ann Aguirre’s Witch Please (2021). Mature teens will enjoy the Hell mythology, adventure, and humor as well as the twentysomething characters who are still trying to live up to parental expectations.

Out October 5! If you want personalized copies, hit up Joseph-Beth Lexington or Cincinnati, where I’ll be signing before a virtual event with my pal John Scalzi. But there will also be several other indies where you can get copies with signed bookplates! That virtual tour info is coming S O O O N. But there are going to be some fun, safe, attend-from-your-home events with some of my favorite indie stores.

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Welcome to the new site!

Things look a littlelot different around here and should be a littlelot easier to navigate. Many thanks to wonderful Jeremy Tolbert at Clockpunk Studios for nailing this website redesign. I LOVE IT. So much I might actually keep the site updated!

Since I’ve added adult fantasy and rom-com to what I write and that’s where most of my forthcoming books are, I created some categories and structure to make it easy to find what you’re looking for. I also consulted twitter and added some things people said they appreciate and copied some of my favorite features from other writers’ sites. All the content is freshly updated.

Some new things to check out:

The only other thing I plan to add soon is an author’s note to go along with all the books pages. I already did one for Not Your Average Hot Guy. Anyway! Check it out and let me know if there’s something you want me to add.

Why now? Besides the fact I wanted to do this and knew it would be needed, it seems pretty clear that events are going to continue to be mostly virtual for some time. And with the Delta Variant out there (please get vaccinated!), online discovery is going to continue to be huge for books. So, like the header says, welcome. I spiffed this place up for y’all. Visit. Share. And hopefully find the book you’re looking for!

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