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At the end of last year, I drove up to Louisville one afternoon to participate in an exceedingly excellent idea for a new radio show Erin Keane was putting together with some of her colleagues at public radio station WFPL, where she's arts doyenne/reporter. Erin and I have known each other since high school, when …

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Happy Sandstorm Release Day: D&D Salon

Today my partner-in-life-and-crime Christopher Rowe's first novel, Sandstorm (Amazon | Indiebound), releases into the wild, as they say. Said novel also happens to be part of the Forgotten Realms universe, a Dungeons & Dragons-related property of gaming publisher Wizards of the Coast. I'm sure a few years ago, I'd have thought I knew what that …

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I’d be remiss if I didn’t break in to point out that the remarkable and sloth-obsessed Richard Butner has a fabulous piece on the North Carolina Renaissance Fair over at The Morning News: Some have “favor sashes” covered in pins and ribbons, gifts from friends. It’s a precursor to Myspace in that regard, counting friends …

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Best Thing Ever

Involves Christopher reading you "Le Petit Chaperon Rouge" in French. Then reading it in Babelfish: One day, his/her mother asked Small the red Hood to bring things to  eat her grandmother. He’s put up the whole beautiful thing at that link.

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