2ndblogoversaryI was absolutely delighted to be invited by the fabulous Daphne, the force behind the excellent book blog Winged Reviews, to participate in her second blogoversary celebration. The idea behind it is really fun:

The celebration has been subtitled ‘Across the Pond’, because I started blog during my short stint in the US and of course I live here in the UK, so I wanted to celebrate books and authors from both sides of the Atlantic!

The celebration will run everyday this week and next, and will consist of Top 5 lists from fellow US and UK book bloggers and authors. UK bloggers and authors will be sharing their favourite US books and/or authors, and vice versa.

I only cheated a little to get in one author I wanted to include. Well, or maybe a few. Go check out my list, and see who.

(And you can go back through the other posts from that first link.)

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