Random Friday Five Things

1. Busy times, my darlings! I spent the Thanksgiving week mostly muttering to myself, wearing various pairs of pajamas, eating low-fat red velvet-flavored ice cream sandwiches, and having weird story-related dreams. In other words: turning around the final revision pass on the circus book. And that revision has been slain, book delivered to super-wonderful editor and publisher, along with dedication and acknowledgements. That's right: GIRL ON A WIRE is in, and on to copy edits. I'm really excited (and only moderately terrified) for you guys to read this one next year. Then I polished up a proposal and sent it off to agent for a look. And and and I will start working in earnest anon on the TOP SECRET PROJECT, meaning very, very soon, and I'm really looking forward to that. No rest for the wicked.

2. That said, I am attempting to make space for more concentration on noveling and related activities, because, well, they require it, and that's where I need and want to be spending as much time as possible. Which means that while I'll still do other freelance stuff as it appeals and I can, I'm turning in my final reviews to Locus later this month. It's sad whenever you have to give up a gig that allows you to work with such genuinely lovely and awesome people as the Locus staff (who also gave me such freedom in choosing what books to write about). But, alas, I just don't have the time or, really, honestly, the inclination to do the job as it should be done any longer. It's been an absolute pleasure, though. And the good news for you, blog readers, is that this almost certainly means I'll talk more about books here again, since I can't quit that.

3. Want to buy some books for those who need them this holiday season? The Ballou Sr. High School has a wish list of holiday books for its library you can find out all about over at Guys Lit Wire (I did my shopping last night) and Oblong Books does a great Book Angel program every year, where they let people make a donation that goes directly to gifting a new book to a local kid who might not get one otherwise and I believe all you have to do is phone them up to participate. I'm sure there are many more such opportunities out there. I'll be making our annual donation of new books we don't have room for to a program that provides them to foster children this week.

4. The fabulous Colleen Mondor included a glow-inducing review of THE WOKEN GODS in her December column–her hundredth (*cue applause*)–at Bookslut. Congratulations on the achievement, Colleen, and for everything you do to bring attention to books and reading (like the aforementioned Ballou book fair!). Gratuitous review snippet: "The Woken Gods is a fast-paced tonic for curious readers who seek multi-layered mysteries and a salute to smart under-appreciated kids everywhere. … Bond has her characters growing up in a strange new world, in a bold brave way. The Woken Gods is one mighty fun read, and thus a perfect respite from holiday madness. Smart equals good in any adventure, and this is a very good read."

5. I really will start posting here again with a bit more regularity. I promise. In fact, I'm just about to undertake a little site make-over in the near future and a shiny new design always encourages posting. Right? Right. Have a great weekend, and stay safe if you (like us) are in the path of Storm of Doom Cleon. I suspect it's just mad at being named Cleon instead of, say, Cleopatra.

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