Pencils Down & A New Interview

And so ended the great YA Scavenger Hunt of Summer 2012 with its bountiful prizes! Special content is being pulled down and winners are being calculated to be announced over at the main site in a couple of days.

The response to the Blackwood contest was shockingly fabulous, and now will result in some epic tallying on mine and my lovely assistant Mr. Rowe's part. I wasn't really thinking how we would calculate with so many entries…and so we will be doing by it hand with slips of paper, a certain number for each comment depending on how many entries you receive. I'll photo-document. (And I'll email the winner, as well as it being posted over at the main site.)

The delightful Kaylie Ashton (follow her!), who runs the YA Bluewater Reading Group at the Bluewater Waterstones, has posted an interview with me at the YA Bluewater blog. Kaylie asked great questions, and this was a fun one. It also yielded what I am calling right now as the truest thing I will ever say (perhaps because I did this interview mid-revision from draft zero to draft one of The Woken Gods; in other words, while mad):

Writing a novel is like chasing a whirlwind with a butterfly net. And, if you’re lucky, after a great deal of work managing to catch that whirlwind, which is actually a story, and then showing it to other people and hoping they say, “Oh, that’s a story,” and not, “What is that? It just looks like a big mess of stuff blowing around.”

Also? I compose a dream fictional character dinner party. Check it out if you're so inclined.

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