Everyone’s A Winner (+ Gratuitous Pets)

The YA Scavenger Hunt winners have been posted over at the main site, along with many individual winners.

Computing the results of my bonus contest was harrrd work here, taking a group effort. It started with Hemingway helping read the numbers of entries from the desk:


Hemingway 'Assisting'


And that was only the beginning…

(Warning: Gratuitous pet photos ahead. Viewer caution is advised.)

We had to make the entries and count them (right around 500!):


Counting the entries.


And then there was protecting the entries from Puck, who thought they looked tasty:


Puck Wants to Eat the Entries


Although, FINE, maybe he didn't want to eat them after all:


Fine, I Won't Eat Them...


Meanwhile, Emma just wanted to wear the hat:


Emma Wants To Wear The Hat


But FINALLY we had all the entries cut up and ready to select the winner, who'll be receiving a signed copy of Blackwood + a supersweet swag package with a custom, limited edition baseball T-shirt and handmade duct tape rose pen:


Winner Chosen!


And that winner is Violette of Violette Reads. Yay!

Thanks to everyone who participated, and stay tuned for more giveaways as we approach the Blackwood release next month. (And, of course, if you're in the neighborhood of one of the events, come out and say hi.)

3 thoughts on “Everyone’s A Winner (+ Gratuitous Pets)”

  1. This kind of raffle draw may be old-fashioned compared to online random number picking. But cutting and shaking the papers is still as fun as winning giveaways, especially when the winning number has been picked. That’s A+ for your awesome effort with a little help from your pets! =)

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