Plottings & Plannings

Hello, my lovelies! Happy day before Independence Day, if you celebrate such. We mostly soothe Emma the Dog and wait for the horrorbooming to end (though we are going out to Celebrate Your Independents tonight at West Sixth, and you should too, if you're in the Lexington-ville area).

Wellll, my biggest news is that I finally finished the draft of the new book. It is a first draft (see this marvelous post about such by Susan Elliot Wright, spotted courtesy of the excellent Kim Curran), so mostly I'm taking a few days pause and then rolling up my sleeves to spend this month making it presentable by Looming Deadline. Then I shall gather the thoughts of smart people (most especially my fabulous genius editor) and attempt to make it Way Better Than Presentable.

In the meantime, I'm also trying to get Blackwood launching ducks of the promotional variety–really, there won't be any ducks (though there will be donuts)–lined up. Because, I don't know if you know this, but September 4 is SHOCKINGLY SOON. (I am shocked, at least.) Said lining up involved making a list today of everything cyber and real-life that I know I'm doing and that I might be doing. Which is where you come in:

Should you be interested in setting something up in either the online corners of the world or the real ones, let me know.

(I might be contacting you regardless, but I wanted to say it anyway.) I'll be adding at least a couple more things to the events page soon, but here it is for now.

My goal for all of this is to have fun–and for the season of promotional launchening to be fun and not obnoxious for y'all as well. To that end, ideas, cocktail recipes, requests, etcetera, are welcome and encouraged. Also, haikus about alchemy. Actually, maybe we'll save the haikus about alchemy for release day.

As you were.

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