Wednesday Hangovers: Or, All The Open Links In My Tabs

I think it's time for some links! so it's not all mememe around here. But…

A couple of little housekeeping items first. I FINALLY mapped my domain; your old links will work, but so will (When I say I mapped it, I mean the Web Bunny (aka Richard) and Christopher managed to fix the process I had begun in my typical flailing manner with all things technical.) Also, you may notice the book recommendations sidebar isn't on this page–but it is not gone. I gave it and the blogroll I'm in the process of recreating a page of their very own instead, which is also linked in the nav bar.

And last, I awoke to a tweet this morning from the lovely Strange Chemistry twitter account that you can add Blackwood (and Shift and Poltergeeks) to your to-read list on goodreads. So, if you're on goodreads and you'd like to, it would make me do a little chair dance. Am doing a lot of that of late. And now on to OTHER things.

8 thoughts on “Wednesday Hangovers: Or, All The Open Links In My Tabs”

  1. That letter! As I was reading it, I thought, okay, not too surprising and then, whoa – getting interesting and then WHOA I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS!
    What an awesome piece of American history. Stunning.
    And hugs for the link love on the Jenny D. post!

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