Free With Purchase

Introducing: Small Beer Press Horizons! Has Gavin got a deal for you!

5. In our super-premium “Booksellers” package—Usually $5 million, Today Only $2 million—we come to your town, open a bookshop, and stock your book. We will throw a launch party and have you do a reading and for a small additional fee we will throw in a couple of bottles of that sparkly Portuguese wine and some cubed cheese (which seem like such a good idea in the grocery store and look so sad on display) in the somewhat forlorn hope that people will come.

And oh so much more. I laughed so hard, I almost threw up. And it was FREE.

2 thoughts on “Free With Purchase”

  1. For 2.5 million, they’ll open the bookstore in the old Pontiac Silverdome (which just got sold at auction for a measly half a million).

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