Thursday Hangovers

4 thoughts on “Thursday Hangovers”

  1. You know what got me on that article about college reading? It’s based on sales in college bookstores – as if that is where anyone goes to get their pleasure reading. Pretty much the only books bought there not required reading related are the “I have nothing to read and don’t have a car and don’t want to wait for an amazon package” kind. In other words – how the heck can anyone say what college kids are reading without considering that, I don’t know, maybe they get their books from someplace other than college bookstores?
    Please. When I was in college I got most of my pleasure reading from the library and used bookstores because I didn’t have a lot of cash. And there is no way to track that. So this whole thing just strikes me as very very silly. (Or another reason to wig out about “today’s young people” for no reason.)

  2. You cannot stop the people from imitating Kerouac and Ginsberg! It cannot be done!
    We gave the nephews 39 Clues for Xmas.

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