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Inkheart is SOOOO good. Best movie I've seen in ages. Only movie I've seen in ages I want to buy on DVD when it comes out so I can own it. Unexpectedly good on all counts.

Go. Go. Go.

It is made for book people.

WTF Update: I really and truly don't get this Rotten Tomatoes ranking–this is a really fine movie. I just really and truly don't get it. I hope the word of mouth does what it should.

So, the main complaint seems to be that it's occasionally "complicated" and "hard to follow" — um, no. Yes, it's an unusual movie, particularly in terms of questions like who the protagonist is, but it's very classically structured and anyone who Pays Attention will appreciate that every little thing isn't explained to death. I want to see it again, because it feels like a movie that will reward multiple watchings. Great cast, too, and some truly memorable insults from the fabulous Helen Mirren. It's almost as if even the critics giving favorable reviews were a) too lazy to pay attention and b) afraid to admit they liked it.

See also: C's take.

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  1. I notice that you did not mention Brendan Fraser in this post. Probably a safe choice, if you want people to check this out.
    Added it to my Netflix queue – despite George of the Jungle.

  2. I haven’t seen the movie…but aren’t movies for grown ups often praised for being complicated and hard to follow? I wonder if the reviewers out there cannot credit children’s films with having the same level of complexity that a film for grown ups has? That is, there is a sense that children’s films have to be straightforward, etc.?
    Liz B.

  3. I don’t get the Brendan Fraser hate. He’s the Peter O’Toole of his generation. The dude just works, y’know. Sometimes he’s in George of the Jungle or Encino Man, and sometimes he’s in Crash or Gods and Monsters.

  4. Ding, ding, ding! I definitely think that’s a factor. But I swear, even some of the reviewers that liked it expressed confusion. Perhaps not paying close enough attention? We saw it at Movie Tavern with drinks and had no trouble! (And the theater was full of kids of assorted sizes, all completely silent throughout. A miracle.)
    I heart Paul Bettany.

  5. Hmm, well it just turned up in the queue. I thought it was slow, dull, poorly thought out and never did anything with its brilliant premise. And yes, Fraser was by some margin the worst actor in it.

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