Emma Explorador Pt 2
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I have completed hours and hours and hours of admin paperwork and gathering and such for the stuff that has to be mailed in at the end of one's final MFA semester… and my brain feels mushy. Also, hurty. (Evaluations, a complete bibliography of everything read for the last two years, miscellaneous forms, a title page to be signed by faculty honcho types and abstracts of creative thesis. Etc.! MLA format is Eeevil.)

The rest of the week will be spent fluffing and pruning my novel, which thankfully goes in electronically on Friday. And I'm sure the formatting of said submission will cause more head aching.

So, alas, for today, I'm afraid I'm only good for this ferocious holiday pic of Emma the Dog Girl.

5 thoughts on “Whine!”

  1. I won’t burden you with the nonsensical requirement to start numbering pages in your creative thesis on actual page 3 (with 1), which is almost impossible to do in any modern word processing program! I believe there was crying and ranting.
    But all is done! Semester over! For all of us! Woo!
    And, yay, workshop!

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