Sunday Hangovers

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  1. I always found It’s A Wonderful Life depressing and vaguely uncomfortable, both because the main character doesn’t get many of the things he wants and we’re told we have to accept that and even see it as a good thing; and also because I just felt like I was being emotionally manipulated, and sort of told how I was supposed to feel.
    But then, it’s been years since I last watched it …

  2. I think the depressing discomfort of it is what I love (also Jimmy Stewart is way more nuanced than usually given credit for in it). The fact it’s supposed to be this “heartwarming classic” but is instead an odd, dark movie with an unsatisfying conclusion. My tolerance for Xmas sap is pretty low.

  3. thank goodness. You know I have been asking for years, what’s so wonderful about a wonderful life? And, it is exactly what I talked about at the comedy show I performed friday. I’m glad that the NY Times agrees that it’s bleak.
    That movie has bothered me for years. And it just gets darker each time I view it.
    !!! xo cc

  4. I’m desperately in love with “The Middleman” series. I’ve been holding off on watching the last episode of the first season out of fear that it will be the last.

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