Like the Very First Line

And now It's time for the end of the year meme that always makes me vow to have more interesting first sentences for the first post of each month. (Via Dave.) I'm guessing this year will be no different:

Well, that was fun. Settling in for a weekend of critical thesis work, reading, and scribbling, with a possible break in there to go see a movie or something fun. Spring is here! Yay! Locus is up to its usual April first hijincks, including teasers from America's Next Top Writer. I already love my Neo. Frey has officially dipped a toe into the waters of simultaneously banal and TMI blogging. The NYT has an interesting story about archeologists digging into the work-a-day world of ancient Egypt, as opposed to the traditional big money pyramids and the like. If you happen to be radio-friendly, I'll be on NPR's Weekend Edition tomorrow morning (about 40 minutes into the first hour of the broadcast) discussing the new Modern Library edition of Anne of Green Gables. I'm a klutz and so this means that many activities are fraught with peril, sometimes even common ones. I've been remiss in not posting a link to Vermont Public Radio's excellently creepy story about Anna, the ghost who reportedly resides in the College Hall tower at my grad school's campus. First ever Firefox extension hidden anthology?

And that concludes another year of first sentences of the month. I'd actually call it a slight improvement over last year.

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