Have I Been Asleep?

Girl So I'm breezing through the Book Bloggers Top 10 of 2008 in various categories over at Literary Escapism and the top children's book and one of the top vote-getters overall is The Girl in the Castle Inside the Museum.

Okay, so the title alone would be enough to grab my interest, but it's also by Kate Bernheimer (with illustrations by Nicoletta Ceccoli). Why did I not know about this book? Which, I might add, got a starred review from PW.

What else have I missed this year? Please, let me know!

4 thoughts on “Have I Been Asleep?”

  1. Thanks for the tip: I’ve missed this too. On the to-do list: get book for my dreamy, museum-loving, artist-aspiring 6 y.o. for Christmas. I think I’ve found it!

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