Down to San Antone

Is it really possible that we don’t know anyone in San Antonio? ANYway, I’m going to be there for a couple of days next week for a conference and wondered if I was forgetting that one or more of you lovely friend-types live there and should we maybe have a drink or dinner?

Drop an e-mail, if so.

Back later with an actual post.

5 thoughts on “Down to San Antone”

  1. Nope. All the cool kids live in Austin. 😉 San Antonio’s a lot of fun though — if you have time, take the River Walk down to the flour factory and get one of their brownies. And of course, you’ll have to hit the Alamo, which is actually pretty cool. And I know folks who swear by the Mexican at La Fogata…

  2. Oh, we will be coming back to Austin — with time to actually hang out! Plus, we really, really need to personally meet Maureen and Bob’s Hudson, who was only a very-possible-dog-in-waiting when we were there.
    My hotel is right on the River Walk, so I’m definitely looking forward to that. Will make note on La Fogata.

  3. Chris Nakashima-Brown

    Gwenda! Genre illustrator John Picacio lives in S.A., but you may not know him. It’s a funny town, one of those places like Baltimore and Philadelphia and New Orleans that insulates its own timelessness. In San Antonio’s case, this involves ghosts of colonial Texas. weird military installations that have survived the Cold War, and debutante balls with $10,000 gowns for the girls. My favorite thing to do there is to roam the King William residential neighborhood, which is at the extreme Western end of the Riverwalk — all these huge antebellum houses gone to seed, some subsequently rehabbed, and some replaced with experiments in Butnerian modernism. Check it out, and ping us if you are hurting for company and we’ll drive down for the evening…

  4. I’m only there for a nanosecond, so I’ll make due. I’ll definitely wander around and find King William and I might do some proper historical stuff if I stumble on it.
    Of course — John Picacio. I knew we had to know somebody! I’ll drop him an e-mail.

  5. I’m in San Antonio (well, New Braunfels, actually, which is close enough) although we’ve never actually met. I have to admit that Picacio is far cooler than I, however.
    San Antonio’s great, BTW. It’s Mexico’s northernmost city (and I mean that in a good way) and, as Chris said, is the last bastion of colonial-era Texas.

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