Wisdom in the Comments

No, not here, over at John Crowley’s blog. In the comments section to one of his posts, he responds to a commenter:

I do allow as how the Evanescent Universe actually more easily admits of a creator (or Creator) than the old rocks-and-stones one, though the rocks-and-stones and made-of-mud one is where a lot of believers in a Creator reside. As to the necessity of a creator I am still unconvinced. God remains for me the Name of the Reason Why there is Something and not Nothing, and the rest is silence.

Don’t expect this kind of high level philosophical debate around here, kids.

5 thoughts on “Wisdom in the Comments”

  1. Am very much enjoying his posts about the Evanescent Universe although I don’t think I can bring anything like that to your blog.
    Especially because I keep wondering if he’s talking about the band Evanescence.

  2. I love the idea of an effervescent universe! Think of the possibilities: never again worry about leaving a two-liter open in the fridge. Things would go the opposite of flat! Of course, some may actually dislike the idea of uncovered items slowly carbonating–milk, jello shots, spaghetti sauce–but I think most would agree that it’d make for a doubly exciting world.

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