Why I Love Teenagers

807080806muumuukenn2embeddedprod_afOur local paper has a great story today about a rural Kentucky high school book club called the "Moo Moo Club" because they wear muumuus when they meet in honor of a photograph of their favorite teacher wearing one. A couple of excerpts, because this story makes me very happy:

By February, 53 students showed up for the club meeting, and it had to be moved to the school auditorium. The students, even some of the boys, wore nightgowns, housecoats and robes.

"It looked like a pajama party," says Mullins.

One student wore a real muumuu.

"I got one from my grandmother," says Olivia Skeens. "Actually, she still wears muumuus."

And, more importantly, they’re reading some good books too, for instance:

The most popular book read by the Moo Moo Club has been Lessons From a Dead Girl by Jo Knowles.

"The kids raved about it, and the first Friday night after it was assigned, the students were texting each other, saying they couldn’t put it down," Mullins says.

The book proved so ­popular that students who were not in Mullins’ classes or the club began checking it out of the library, and Mullins was able to arrange a conference call between her students and the author.

Go, Jo!

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