Love a Puppy

Surely someone out there needs an adorable puppy, right? Delivered to you by the nice, nice, beyond nice Amy Sisson, who is quite literally saving this dog’s life at some expense even though she and her husband can’t adopt her themselves:

Hopefully the vet will say yes, but even so, we do still need to find a home for the puppy as quickly as possible. This is NOT limited to the Houston area. We will drive this puppy wherever we have to to find her a home.  So if you know anyone anywhere in Texas, or Louisiana, or Oklahoma, or wherever, who would be willing to take this puppy, we will get her there at our expense. Please ask everyone you think might even remotely be interested. As a reminder, this is a Black Lab or Black Lab mix, female, estimated 3-4 months old.

Relevant backstory and circumstances provided here, along with place to say, yes, of course.

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