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  1. I am SO feeling this. We just moved — double the square footage and rooms in need of furniture. After our pilgrimage to Ikea I think we’re now majority shareholders.
    Bookcases with extensions… hmm. Do I see Billy boxes, or are those Bestas?

  2. Billys. We have supertall ceilings, and I think they get the tallest. We’re hoping to downsize the total number of shelves throughout the house by consolidating the library in a couple of rooms. And, yes, I realize that eventually we’ll just need more!

  3. I remember the Billy 80 High, red-brown shelves… I used to have about a dozen of them, but when we moved to NS the rooms I was using for libraries wouldn’t fit them, so I had to recycle them.
    I was, at one time, the world’s foremost Billy shelf assembler, from lots and lots of practise. I suspect I would not be seeded in the top dozen now, though.
    I actually have two of them left, that I use as CD racks–they have extra shelves, and the little “step” things that let you put two rows of CDs vertically on one shelf, but at different depths.

  4. Hi, I’m Leilani. Just wanted to introduce myself since I visit occasionally. 🙂 IKEA is my middle name. HAha. I have had many an aggravated case of carpal tunnel for my devotion. Definitely suggest a n electric screwdriver where possible. Good luck. (And I’m jealous…8 bookcases?)

  5. Yay for more shelving. I’m sitting in a room with Billy’s on both sides — it’s low-ceilinged, though, so no extenders here (have them at the office). V. curious (not quite jealous _yet_) about the library ladder.

  6. I am very jealous about the ladder. Even if it couldn’t go anywhere with our low ceilings, I still want one!

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